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February 13, 2023

Family Playbook Launches ​First of Its Kind Digital Platform ​to Help​ Families​ Organize and Communicate Vital Information ​To Protect Their Legacy



New York –– Family Playbook, where families organize, protect and share their most important information in vault-like secure environments, announced today that it has launched its beta platform at  


Everyone Benefits 

A will, insurance policy, bank and brokerage accounts, personal wishes, passwords, keys, and so much more are useless if your loved ones do not have access or don’t even know where to look.  


The personal experience of Family Playbook founder Peter Brand is just like that of millions of people that have lost a loved one.  The grief is compounded by a stressful scavenger hunt at the worst possible time to find documents, locate accounts, access passwords, understand what bills are due, identify the immediate needs of dependents, what care the pets require, and which contacts can help to try and piece together the situation. 


How Family Playbook Works

Family Playbook is an easy-to-use intuitive platform that helps members to gather and organize vital information and securely share it with those they choose. 


“Centralizing key information into an encrypted, secure and shareable format paves the way for loved ones to access, understand and move forward,” said Peter Brand, founder and CEO of Family Playbook.  


“While there is no such thing as a perfect plan, knowing the state-of-play is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Knowing if a key document, password, contact exists and where to access it makes things immeasurably easier,” Brand said.  


Family Playbook guides members through a series of discovery questions that provides loved ones with access to: 

  • Trusts, Wills and Living Wills

  • Bank and Brokerage Account Information 

  • Leases and Deeds 

  • Passwords

  • Life, Health, Auto, Homeowners Insurance  

  • Taxes

  • Burial Wishes 

  • Digital Photos and Videos  

  • Custom Remembrances and Information 


The platform requires two-factor authentication for members and their invited guests, and encrypts all data and member communications. Family Playbook staff and partners never have access to member Playbook content.



Family Playbook offers a range of affordable subscription plans starting at $6.99/mo, designed to make the platform accessible to families of all types. Getting started is easy, with a quick registration and validation process, with guidance at every step to build, manage and share a member’s Playbook. 


"In less than 30 minutes and the cost of a cup of coffee you can create and share your own Family Playbook. While it’s a difficult subject, we’ve made it easy to get your family’s house in order. “ said Brand. 


About Family Playbook

Family Playbook is the leading online service to help families organize, protect and share information that they need to pass down to their loved ones. The family tech platform guides clients through a series of discovery questions that form the basis of their Playbook. In addition to preset topic sections, clients may easily customize their Playbook to address specific needs as well as share private remembrances with invited guests. With headquarters in New Jersey, Family Playbook was founded in 2022 and is privately held.



Family Playbook

Tom Becktold, Co-Founder/CMO  |  +1-310-866-6366

Family Playbook helps organize legal, financial, and personal information in a secure digital vault that can be shared with loved ones. The platform provides peace-of-mind by providing a roadmap for family and securing the user’s legacy for the next generation. 

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