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Your Security

At Family Playbook security is a foundational pillar to our business. The platform is designed to create a safe and secure environment for you to share your legal, financial, property and other important information with the people you designate. All the information you include in your Family Playbook is encrypted so only you and those you designate can access it. You will always own your information and we will never sell your data with a third party without your explicit permission.


Family Playbook requires that all users validate their identity when creating their account, whether Family Playbook customers or their invited administrators and guests. To achieve this, you must enter your email, a strong password, a mobile phone number and enable multi-factor authentication. As a Family Playbook customer, you are 100% in control of the information you choose to upload and share. You may add as much or as little information to your Family Playbook as you would like. You have the freedom to invite the trusted people you would like to invite. What's more, you determine which people will have access to each of your specific Family Playbook sections. 


Your Family Playbook data is encrypted, using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption. We also use multiple techniques to make sure only you and your invited guests have access to your information. Family Playbook encrypts all customers’ sensitive data to prevent unauthorized access, so your data stays secure. Only you or the people you designate will have access to your information, data and documents. This information is encrypted and decrypted only for the people you designate.  AT NO POINT DOES ANYONE ON THE FAMILY PLAYBOOK TEAM HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR FAMILY PLAYBOOK MATERIALS. Our policies are designed to help protect your family’s information.

Security Keys & Password Recovery

Because your data is encrypted, users viewing your Family Playbook are required to enter a security key to unlock files. In addition to your login and password, Family Playbook clients are given a master key that is required to regain access to your account if you forget your password. For added security, Family Playbook team members are not able to restore access to your data if you do not have your security key. 

​Two-Factor Authentication

All customers, their invited administrators and their invited users are required to activate two-factor authentication. Any login from a non-recognized device triggers a unique security key that is shared via the user’s mobile device and is required to access a user's account. 

Operational Security

Family Playbook is designed and built so only you and those you designate have access to your information. No Family Playbook employee or contractor has access to the specific information you add or upload to your Family Playbook account other than Family Playbook may access information about your data storage usage, login frequency, and user behavior for the purposes of triggering email, billing and other marketing activities to you; and Family Playbook may access your contact information to process payments and refunds, reset your password, trigger confirmation emails, or, in special circumstances, to block access with proper client approvals.

How We Make Money

Family Playbook revenue is generated by our subscription fees. We only have one customer, the subscribing member. We do not sell our customer data with anyone and we do not share individual customer information with advertisers.


Contact Us

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Updated 2023-01-30

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