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Let Them Know.

Organize legal, financial, property and end-of-life wishes with Family Playbook, a comprehensive, secure and sharable digital record.

Answers They'll Need

After the death of a loved one, a hunt ensues to track down key documents, passwords, contacts and related information.


Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, insurance companies, government agencies, family members and friends only have a piece of the puzzle.


Help your family avoid the chaos and hunt for time-sensitive answers with Family Playbook.

Do It For Your Family 

Family Playbook empowers you to provide a comprehensive, transparent roadmap of your important documents, instructions and wishes, all through a simple and secure platform.

Why Family Playbook?

Over the course of your life, you acquire countless properties, documents, accounts, passwords, contacts and memories.

While we all know that everyone is going to die at some point, most do not share a detailed record of their estate, funeral plans and wishes.

Without a playbook, your loved ones are left to navigate a complicated and confusing maze that can be both emotionally and financially draining.

Family Playbook enables you to easily prepare and share a comprehensive roadmap to your estate and wishes.

You choose who has access to each section of your Playbook, ensuring the right people can take the right steps.

Security is paramount. Your data is secured with bank-level encryption and two-factor authentication.

Our Plans


Robust Family Playbook templates and tools.

  • Create a Custom Family Playbook

  • Bank-Level Security Encryption

  • Anytime Edit Access

  • Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Access

  • Up To 500 MB storage

  • Share with 3 Users


Adds more storage

and sharing options. 

  • Create a Custom Family Playbook

  • Bank-Level Security Encryption

  • Anytime Edit Access

  • Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Access

  • Up To 1 GB Storage

  • Share with Up To 7 Users 


Adds live customer service support.

  • Create a Custom Family Playbook

  • Bank-Level Security Encryption

  • Anytime Edit Access

  • Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Access

  • Up To 3 GB Storage

  • Share with Unlimited Users 

  • Live Customer Service Chat


Custom programs for your customers & team

As Quoted 
  • Bulk Family Playbook Programs

  • White Label Options

  • Business  Account Support 

  • Enhance Customer Loyalty

Best Value

How Family Playbook Works

Create A Profile

Create your secure profile and select a Family Playbook plan that's right for you.

Answer Questions

Answer a series of questions to build a comprehensive plan for your family.

Invite Family

Add family members and trusted advisors to have access to your secure Playbook.

Secure Access

Your information is protected and you can make changes and edits at any time.

We Guide You Step By Step

16 Point Legacy Planning Checklist

of Americans have no will or end-of-life instructions.

Is there a mortgage on the home?

Who is the financial advisor?

Is there a credit card balance?

 U.S. Deaths Annually

What's your
Family's Playbook?

Does dad want burial or cremation?

Where is the will?

Are the cars leased or owned?


None of us will outsmart death

Who should get mom's jewelry?

Unclaimed Property  in the U.S.

Do you have a detailed list of your current accounts, property and other valuables? 

I wish I could find wedding pictures of mom and dad

What would he want the grandkids to have?

Banks in the U.S.

Do your kids know which banks you use?

Where is the will?

Are there any outstanding loans?

How do I access dad's social media accounts?

Are there brokerage accounts?

What's mom's iPhone password


Do heirs know where
you keep your Trust?
Tax Documents? Bills?

What music should we play?

Did she have life insurance?


Jerry T.

Pasadena, CA

"Family Playbook is easy to use and has given me peace of mind that my documents and wishes are organized and accessible to my sons"

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